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We have the experience: How To write letters professionally to Reclaim mis Sold PPI attached to your Store Cards; Credit Cards; Mortgage Loans; Secured Loans; Car Finance Loans or Personal Loans - Registered PPI Claims Management Company - Free Review.

Payment protection insurance on Credit Cards

Credit card insurance
  • Store or Credit Cards
  • Mortgage or Secured Loans
  • Car Finance or Personal Loans


First you need to establish if you have Payment Protection Insurance.

When attached to a credit card you should be able to see any payments taken for PPI in your monthly statements. Have you got a policy that you are paying for without your knowledge?

Almost 20 million payment protection insurance (PPI) policies have been sold to consumers who might never be able to make a claim. According to a study, Which the consumer group, found that a third of consumers who have taken out a loan with payment protection insurance over the past five years may fall foul of at least one "significant exclusion" that would prevent them from making a successful claim.

There are many different claim reasons which, when you are made aware of them, may entitle you to submit a PPI Loan Misselling claim.



Credit Cards Payment Protection